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amishasingh I put myself on paper through words.
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A piece of poetry about regaining what had once been lost.
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Completely devoid of faith,

in love, life and more.

Yes, I was afraid,

it all felt so odd.

All over the place,

my heart like shattered glass;

my mind struggling,

to let go of the past.

Torn between the what-ifs,

unable to decide;

I was walking,

all alone,

into a new life.

Knew it wouldn't be easy,

yet I stayed strong;

remembered I was all I need,

and nothing could go wrong.

Coming out of the dark dungeons,

finally saw some light.

My soul trapped,

in my human cage,

finally felt alright.

I felt it in my mind,

a will so strong.

harrowing and hurting,

I went along.

Battling with myself,

every single day.

Catching on,

to every ray of hope.


it would end soon.

Wondering, when I would,

once again bloom.

The road seemed never ending,

but I kept moving on.

With every step,

a wider smile,

a heart a little less heavy.

With every step,

closer to the light that calls me.

With faith,

that I will get there.

With the same faith,

I had once lost.

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