Your arrow and betrayal

      Your arrow and betrayal piece of paper stories

amisha2000 Community member
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If you like it, please write in the comments. It means a lot to me. Love you all, guys!

Your arrow and betrayal

My stomach tightens While the arrow launched by you Breaks my heart, Bleeding because of Your poisonous betrayal.

The blood paints my body, And your inhuman laughter It's the only sound I hear While the image in front of me Gets blurry Because of thousands of tears Who want to be spilled.

You hit me hard enough. Please, at least stop For a second. Let me remember As you were in the past, When you were my air, My hope.

You break me like a piece of paper, While you burn it With the fire in your eyes, My ashes rising, Freeing From the nightmare you are.

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