The prison of my mind

   The prison of my mind atlantic stories

amisha2000 Community member
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The prison of my mind

It's like an antique clock, And in every second I'm sinking in the Atlantic, Whose cold waters Out me of breath.

The drop of life left in me Drips like a river, Towards the end of another world, Far away waiting for me Like the sun's rays Contoured with gold.

My hands float through the air bubbles, And my chestnut-colored hair Envelops me In a protective aura. My body being left alone, In the ocean.

Nobody hears me When I try to make myself heard. Because I'm here In a prison of my mind Where can't I get rid of, Where I want to forget everything.

My lungs run out of oxygen, And breathing is a precious treasure. I don't look back When everything turns black, And I get lost in the abyss.

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