When You Gone Scene 3
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amirsensei Find Your Way Don't Give up
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this scene Jake try to escape* [Read scene 1 and 2 before you read this one] ty ^

When You Gone Scene 3

He Decided to help Hina . He run and try to rescue Hina .

He Grab her hand and run straight . and he keep in his mind "Keep runing"

they are safe from the boy Groups . she asking jack "why you help me ?"

Jack smile and say "did we friends." she cried after hearing Jack say that.

Jack asking "Why you crying?" she not answer and keep cried . Jack feel bad on her .

He put her head on his shoulder and say "You not alone." and Jack wait until she finish cried.

they go home together with smile beacause give her what Jake say is important and they trust each other .

Next Day

Jake go to Hina house to invite her to walk together until school . but her morther say "hina is sick today"

Jake feels really worried about Hina . he just walk to school alone .

And boy group try to find Jake because he rescue Hina .

Jake run into toilet and he really fear and sweating . they boy group go in toilet and try to find him They see one toilet room lock ...

Stay tune.

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