When you gone scene 2
When you gone scene 2 sad stories

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This time Jack and Hina try to get along each other.
[Ps: Read When you gone 1 scene before you read this one] Thanks^

When you gone scene 2

Teacher say " You can sit beside jack" She just nod her head . After she introduce herself she sit beside him . Jack feel really shy and can't say anthing. but decided to say something .

so he wait until lunch...

"Ring bells"

Jack go to her desk and say "do you want eat T-together.." she nod with feeling shy . and he ask her some question .

"Where you from" she not give The answer and Ring bells . Jack go back to his desk .

"Ring Bells"

After finish work he ask her to go home together but she don't want . She run and left Jack . Jack feel really sad . he want buy something on the way home but she already left him .

he go out school and he see boy group try to hurt Hina . Jack try to help but he feel scared on his past...

Next Day..

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