Hahaha.... [ VENT ]
Hahaha.... [ VENT ] vent stories
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amini_ i also known as a sapnap simp but sHh-
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just me venting bc i hate people and idk what to do anymore

Hahaha.... [ VENT ]

Warning [ Venting ] this is just me going trough a mood of my depression, so pls just.. idk.

My brother makes me out to be a bad person, i dislike him. I would say hate but i guess thats to strong of a word. I really dont like him, he bullies me and makes me feel like im a bad person when really hes just some no good stupid ass fucking kid, who thinks there a bad bitch when really hes a pussy, AND I HATE HIM. HE JUST SOME ASSHOLE WHO HATES ME AND SAYS THAT IM A BAD PERSON AND THAT IM A LIAR AND I JUST HATE HIM-

I JUST THINK THAT maybe i need to move out, but im still young, so i cant really. Hes says stuff like" You're an embarassment" and stuff like that. He also hates people of color and such. He hates everyone, but in front of people, he acts like a " angle " and i cant do it anymore. I think. I need therapy... But, how am i suppose to say that to my family, and friends? Anyways-

Thats it for now, uh- please if you would like to, help me out, heh. Anyways, ill continue this later on. bye.

have funny image :')

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