Don't Blame It On Me
Don't Blame It On Me stories

aminah12126Community member
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Just another story I'd thought I'd write.A story about teen pregnancy.

Don't Blame It On Me

Why was it my my fault? You said it would be quick. You forced me.

You left me.You treated me like a used toy and left me on the playground. Who will use me next?

You ripped me aside form your life and hated me.But you raped me.

So don't blame it on me.

Fast forward nine month I had a baby. You held it roughly and growled. "It looks nothing like me!" Are you accusing me of what? You know very well it's your baby.

So don't blame it on me.

This baby loved me and I loved it with the marrow of my bones. Unlike YOU. You left me with nothing but a world filled with misery and odyessy.

So if something else happens...

Don't even TRY to blame it on ME.

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