A day at an Ema Mei's POV
A day at an Ema

Mei's POV stories

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This is a story of a young girl named Mei. She's gone through a lot,and trusts no one.But that all changes.

///PART 1///

A day at an Ema Mei's POV

There is a small Ema that I go to all the time. Half of those boards are mine. But I know my fortune will never happen.

No matter how much Maneki Neko(Lucky Cat) I buy, Misfortune is still a beast that finds its claws in my skin.

The cuts are gone,but their nearly gone presence haunts and mocks me.

About my face. About my life.


My mother switched men like clothes.She settled with a drunkard. He always yelled and beat us,and like a stupid meek little animal I was,I took it.

School was no better. Seeing my weak backbone,those evil kids were drawn to me like sharks to blood Hair was pulled.Blood was drawn. But the teachers never caught them. I was sworn into secrecy.

Every night I would cry into my pillow. Letting them crack my confidence. What was I THINKING?

I stayed in school until I was old enough to work. Working all shifts. I got an hour of sleep at best.

I had no one I trusted no one

I kept my self to the projects alone.

Until I met him....

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