She put up walls , but he tore them down
She put up walls , but he tore them down  relationships stories
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Going through the motions of a new relationship

She put up walls , but he tore them down

Swore she’d never fall again , but then he came along

He makes her feel comfortable, he makes her feel safe

He makes her feel like it’s okay to be herself

But she’s afraid of letting him in , and he’s afraid of getting close

Sometimes it feels like they’re just friends, sometimes it feels like they’re more

They’re both confused, they don’t know how to feel

Do we take the chance?

Do we let ourselves fall?

Is it worth the risk?

Can I handle another broken heart?

All these questions running through their heads

She doesn’t know how to answer them , she doesn’t know what to do

But one thing’s for sure

No one has ever made her feel like he does

And she doesn’t want to lose that

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