I wish I hadn’t fallen for you.
I wish I hadn’t fallen for you. stories

amiatownsendCommunity member
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Just rambling on about my life and how I feel.

I wish I hadn’t fallen for you.

I wish that I had never even met you.

You’re always in my head no matter how hard I try to get you out.

You’ve made me rethink everything I’ve ever known about myself.

I still yearn for you everyday, hoping and wishing that I could see you. Hear you. But I can’t.

Because you’re gone and you’re never coming back.

I should’ve told you how I felt about you before you left.

If I told you I wouldn’t have to carry this inside me. It feels like I have one hundred pound weights on my shoulders.

I dreamt about you. Hoping the dreams would come true but they never did.

I even cried over you. Why did you do this to me? I hate you but I don’t.

You left but didn’t say goodbye. That’s when my heart really broke. Why didn’t you say goodbye?

We drifted apart but we were still close. I felt close to you. When I touched you my whole body was electrified. But I guess you didn’t feel that.

You will never know how much you hurt me.

I will always love you.

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