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I still remember that night it was cold and windy. I was getting ready to go and watch the Henderson's kids. They lived in a big house in a nice area. Every time they ask me to watch their kids I said yes.

When I got there the parents seemed very nervous for some reasons. When I ask if everything was okay they just ignored my question. It was a very awkward situation. They just told me if I was able to spend the night, they would pay me double

and I agreed.

They left the house around 9:00pm and told me there was no need to check on the kids because they were already asleep, they didn't want them to wake up. So I just sat in the couch watching Tv. It was quiet and all you can hear is the wind moving everything around.

Then the most terrifying thing happened. The house phone rang and this was around 11:00pm. I picked up the phone and I said

Hello this is the Henderson's home. May I ask who is calling? Noting but silence until this persons starts singing a lullaby I can tell it was man. I got very nervous and said "Sorry wrong number." And hanged up so fast.

Then the phone ranged again and I froze. I didn't want to pick it up. But I had too. Before I could even speak, they said "Don't hang up now its okay." As I heard laughter in the background. I then realized what was really going on it was

the Henderson's kids trying scare me. I go up stairs and I almost fainted because they were sound asleep. I knew they had a phone in there room so I looked for it. I saw the wire from the wall and followed and it lead me to window.

The window that was cracked open. I look down and I see their phone on the grass. I was shocked. I need to call someone for help but I couldn't move. I didn't want to go down stairs. But I did and I grabbed the phone to call their parents no answer. Then I called the police and they said they should be here shortly.

I hanged up and I went to the kids room to get them up. But then I noticed a letter on the door and It read

I cant handle this anymore I hate to see them happy when I have to suffer. They don't deserve to be happy. They most suffer as well. If I go down they most come with me. sincerely, llena

I was so confused I never wrote that letter. I crumbled it up and put it in pocket and I go to wake up the kids. They were not waking up. I then notice none of them were breathing . Then there was a knock on the window it was man. He hold up the phone. And started crying and yelling saying James told me, Monica wanted it to be this way.

He banged his hand in the window and said "You see I don't want go back there." and he left. I was confused.

You see Jack and Monica are the parents. So it don't really make sense what he was taking about.

The police arrived and told me if I was okay. I said "Yes I'm fine I was here baby-sitting and there was man who came, and the kids are not breathing I don't know what's happening?

They go up stairs and then they come back down and say if I knew how they died. My eyes got watery and said "Their died? I grabbed for a tissue in my pocket and notice the letter that I had found.

I pull it out and they tell me what's this. They grabbed it out of my hand and read it. They say perfect evidence, do you know who this is.

I say in a low voice its me. They look at me and said "You did this." I said "No, this is a setup I would never. Im scared myself. Im telling you the truth.

but they still had took me in for questioning.

well its been about 2 years now that I have been in prison. The claim me for the murdering of the Henderson's kids. And get this the parents died when they were little so the people they where living with were not even the really parents. So there is no other sources to back up my story.

My fingerprints were the only thing found. And the note was the main trigger to it all.

There is no happy ever after for me.

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