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Hanging out with the coolest chef around :)


It's time again.

We can tell because she's screaming. Yeah, that's Annie May. No, no, don't panic. It's pretty normal. She's just a child, after all.

That means she wants food, see? No, I don't know where the meat came from. Stop asking questions. Master doesn't like questions.

Alright. Yeah, like that. Put the sticks in the oven. No, they're not--

What the hell are 'fingers'? Just do what I say, please. I don't need the comments.

Now take the sticks out of the oven, like that-- yeah. You're doing well. Maybe Master will let us have some of the meat.

... good meat...

Oh! Now's my favorite part. It's time to make the stew.

So here's the broth, and now we're just gonna take the sticks, and...

don't be scared, just plop 'em on in there! Good! Now we'll leave it to stew a little bit, and we'll prepare the other ingredients.

Now, as you know, every balanced meal needs a vegetable, so we're just gonna go

chop chop chop chop chop

... why are you screaming? Is something wrong?

You humans and your weird names! What's a 'baby' anyway? Are you delusional? This is clearly a vegetable.

Here. Try a little. Master won't mind. Heh... I'll take some too.

Here. Put it in your mouth and chew. Do you humans even eat? It's not hard. Just... open... your... mouth...


It's good, no?

Why are you throwing up on the floor? Quit it! I don't want your gross fluids on my feet! I work in here, anyway. How rude. I'll give you one more chance.

Alright, I'll finish the stew. You can clean this up.

So, the stew's done... mmm... doesn't it smell good?

No! This is for Annie May. Take the tray and serve it to her.

And don't spill the stew!

Yes, that's good-- no, don't look at me! Grab the spoon, yes, and feed her-- carefully now, we don't want to spill any on her cute little dress!

And watch out for the teeth, I don't want my human to bleed out on the first day!

Yes, just like that. Make sure to get the chunks, too-- we wanna make sure we feed her up nice and full, so he can grow up strong like Master.

Oh-- oh no! She's choking! Y--

You have to help her! Master would pitch a fit if she died! He might stop feeding me! Quick, just push your arm into her mouth and probe around her throat.

There's no time to hesitate! Do it, and be careful about it! Yes, just like that-- stop crying, she hates the taste of salt.

What do you mean, 'your arm's not long enough'? Go further! Climb in there, if you have to!

Yes, there we go-- I think you got it! Do you have it?

I can't see your head! Say something!



Stop screaming, I've been bitten by her before. She's broken bones? Ugh! Such a wimp!

Here, I'll come pull you ou--



Your head is on top, right?


Ugh, so much blood! Annie May! You--

Can't yell at Master's child.

Sorry we made you choke, Annie May. Here-- have the rest of my human. I think it's dead.


Yeah, you feel better, don't you? Yeah, everything's okay... yeah. Do you want more food?

You're full now? That's so good to hear!

M-master! We fed her and she says she's full. But... uh...

Yeah, it died. May I please have another one? They're such fun to have in the kitchen.

Thank you Master! Thank you! Thank you!

I'll take extra good care of this one :)

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