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273 words for a dark cave strewn with webbing.


He woke up in the cave, his mind foggy. What happened last night?

He moved his legs; a jolt of pain. He dimly realized that he was facing the ground.

Stuck. His torso was wrapped in silk, and he was dangling from the ceiling. A short gasp, and a scream. The silk was wet and soft, like cloth on his arms.

He took a few deep breaths, trying to clear his mind; but something seemed to be blocking his brain from fully processing. Like a wad of silk.

He felt sleepy, like he was floating, which he was, he realized. Chuckling, he slowly drifted off into a gentle sleep.


Clacking. Clacking on the floor. He woke up slowly, then his eyes shot open. He could think clearly again. The cave was dark.

He could hear a clucking echo through the cave, like the sound of a pen against tile.

He realized in all its horrid glory as something with legs like spikes pulled him down from the ceiling; it was the noise of legs on stone.

Silk wrapped over his face in layers, layers, and he found himself in a personal cocoon of sorts.

A spike in his stomach, through the cocoon-- and a horrible burning sensation. Spreading through his body.

As he screamed, he dimly remembered a lesson he'd learned in science class, all those years ago: spiders insert digestive enzymes into their prey,

to melt them from the inside so that they could sip it up like a milkshake.

He screamed, and screamed, and screamed some more as the day loomed on. The spider leaned over him, anxious for a meal.

A quick note before I go (yes it's over): I know that this isn't entirely true to how spiders eat in real life. I made a few minor modifications simply to adapt to new prey (without an exoskeleton) and to ease the flow of words. Thank you for your understanding :) And, of course, thank you for reading <3

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