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A few things about myself :)

Some Things About Me


You can call me Aura! I am a frying pan, and here are some random things about myself :)

I live in America, which honestly sucks right now. I wish that I lived in Canada. I was born into the wrong country lol.

I am pansexual, and therefore I am a frying pan. If some of you were wondering about that, it is as simple as that.

I am female, and not really that much of a tomboy, unless you count my addiction to video games and horror movies. (pictured: not me)

My favorite color is pink, the color of the K O R B. My second favorite is yellow.

I like floral prints and cute animals, mostly.

As previously stated, I am. Addicted. To video games. I have every console that's was released last decade, and several before that.

I like sandboxes, exploration games, building games, and simulations. And I also like Animal Crossing. A Lot.

Horror is my favorite genre of... everything... though I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to horror games. As you should know by now, I have a passion for writing horror.

I am, as it is colloquially known, a "grammar nazi"; it physically hurts me when I see someone use the wrong your. I hate it.

If I make a comment about that on your story, I'm not judging! It's just my nature.

I am a socially anxious little frying pan and I hate talking to people in person. (pictured: still not me)

I am a perfectionist who suffers for it; I procrastinate. Everything. All The Time.

You can ask any other questions in the comments! I prefer not to reveal little personal informations, so no, you cannot have a picture, my name, my state, or my age. I like privacy.

The end!

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