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1-word-prompt from the almighty @sydney himself: dragons! Thank you Sydney!

A little departure from what I usually do, but I like how it turned out ;)


They always said dragons didn't exist on Earth, that they weren't real. Well, one half of that statement was true.

But, looking from the bridge of the Destiny, we could see that they existed.

And, God, they were annoying.

In all accounts, they defied the laws of physics, winding through empty space with their serpentine bodies, playfully barking at our ship as they went by.

Hell, somehow their voices wormed their way into our transmissions, and we got nothing but their little whinnies and yips as they went by, winding around each other.

All the way to Terrae XX, we weren't surprised that we found new life, but like this? It didn't even make sense.

Coming into a quick landing from orbit, those annoying little things stopping us one, two, five times by triggering our sensors, we put on our suits and got in there as quick as we could,

the dragons still dancing in the sky.

We began collecting samples as we usually would, until Jim decided to grab one of the smaller ones, about the size and thickness of a particularly large python.

Some of them got as large as busses up there.

Anyways, we yelled at him not to, but he didn't let go before it emitted a high-pitched, ear-rupturing scream that knocked out our comm system, the glass on our helmets cracking a bit.

He let go of it lickety-split, and we rushed back to the ship as fast as we could.

"Captain," a voice screamed from the bridge, sounding panicked, "the ship controls aren't functioning. I think-- I think the ship's broken!"

Before I could respond, something seemed to rumble from Terrae XX's crust. Then a low, bellowing roar.

The ship wobbled and we fell on our sides, our vision going dark for a few seconds as something emerged from the ground, spilling ash and dust into the atmosphere.

Something huge. Its teeth glinted in the dim sunlight as it dove towards our spaceship.

Then black, and dark red.

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