I'm going inactive for a while.
I'm going inactive for a while. good bye stories

amgoosehjonk i will throw your rake in the lake
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I've moved on from Commaful, at least for the time being.

FictionPress profile:

I'm going inactive for a while.

I know, I've already been pretty gone for a while. But... here's me officially declaring it.

I'm sad to go, but I'm moving on to another site that's WAY bigger and I feel is more appropriate for the scope I'm trying to accomplish.

It's FictionPress, if you haven't guessed. I'll link my profile in the description.

As for the collab... I'm sorry I never finished it, and I apologize for that. That'll likely be the last thing I publish on my account, at least for the foreseeable future.

Thank y'all and Commaful for being so amazingly supportive. You guys have really helped build my confidence and find my style.

I'll still check my account now and then, so I ain't completely disappearing. Anything I publish will be on FictionPress, though.

I guess this is goodbye. Adios. Smell ya later. Whatever.

See ya for now :)

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