Crack walnut stories

amgoosehjonk i will throw your rake in the lake
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Some of the walnuts are a little spoiled, and that's okay; just avoid them as you can.

But are they really spoiled? Or is it something else?


It arrives at your door, a little package.

"From us, with love~" it reads, with a little heart scrawled next to it; you haul it into your house and open it quickly, anxious to see what could be inside.

A bag of walnuts. Heh. You're not really sure who "us" is, but hey, your starving college self isn't gonna turn down a bag of free nuts. Besides, walnuts have always been your favorite.

You crack open a few at nighttime, pits falling out of broken shells; but one opens, and it's filled with some kind of... ooze? With the prone form of a tiny insect in the middle.

You groan and toss the sheet in the trash, all of them ruined; you crack each of them over a bowl. It happens twice again, and you consider throwing the whole bag away.

But that's so much snack you would be wasting, you decide, and you resolve to hold on to them and just be careful.

As far as you know, the "spoiled" walnuts aren't contaminating the other ones, at least for right now, and if more than a couple turn out to be like that, you'll just throw them away! Yeah!

Anyways, you enjoy your walnuts and retire to bed, happy with your gift.


You wake up, looking around. Some sort of... cracking sound, that you imagine what a chick crawling out of an egg would sound like.

Probably just your imagination. You close your eyes.


It happened again. You slip out of your covers and put on a bathrobe, walking to the kitchen, and--

oh no.

The walnuts have cracked open, most of them, and-- oh God. Are those-- are those insects?

They seem to all look at you as you enter, pincers held high.

You can see the queen on the middle of the counter, fat and grub-like. Emitting a strange buzzing sound, the insects shoot towards you.

Those are big pincers, and it ain't pretty. The queen is fed, and with a strange call, she whistles to her subjects that she's not full yet.

They find an open window and fly out of it in a stream, hungry for blood.

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