My First Story Chapter #1
My First Story Chapter #1 myfirststory stories

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This is a short story about how one thing can change your life.

My First Story Chapter #1

The bell chimed as I opened the cafe door. The cool conditioned air blasted my face. The rush of cool air already slowing the sweat dripping off my brow.

My flip flops snap as I walk across the cafe to a tall table at the back. I huf as I sit down. My arms still laden with shopping bags. I allow myself a moments rest to breath. I set the bags down at my feet and sigh as I slouch in my chair.

I lean my head back and close my eyes, soaking in the cool air. The bell on the door chimes again and I look up. The woman I was waiting on stagers to the table. Her face is sweaty and her cheeks flushed from the heavy summer heat.

“Geeze Lainey, I didn’t know it took that long to fill a parking meter?” I said to her as she sank into her own chair. She glared at me and said, “The meter hates me, it wouldn’t take any of my bills so I had to rummage through the car to find quarters. We have an hour by the way.” Her voice was heavy with exhaustion.

“How tired do I look?” I asked her. “You look half as tired as I feel.” She replied. “ And that means you get to be the one who gets us coffee. And you get to pay for mine because I payed for the meter and that pair of boots.” She looked at me with a lazy, smug smile and I rolled my eyes. “Fine” I said, and heaved myself up from my chair.

I walked, half dragging my feet, to the ordering counter. I got in line behind a couple, they were holding hands and talking quietly to one another. I want that I thought. I want to have someone who gets me and will whisper things that they find funny or weird in my ear. I sigh, disappointed at my lack of acknowledgment.

Lainey and i had made a pact years ago. The pact simply stated, no dating until you find the one. The one that sparks color in your life, the one that is only ever meant for you.

I was brought back to the task at hand by the boy behind the counter. “Hello, and welcome to Kirk’s Coffee Shop, what can I get you?” He said in a completely monotone and purely uninterested voice.

Now understand that usually I am a perfectly acceptable human being, but seeing as this boy was about my age if not older, and relatively cute. Not to mention that he was fairly rude and I was hot and tired. I snapped at him.

“Excuse me, but is that the way you should address a paying customer?” I snapped. “Excuse me, but by being an employee, don’t I have the right to throw out any customer who is disrespectful or uncooperative to an employee?” He retorted. “I’m sorry but isn’t the customer always right?” I commented.

“Apparently not in this instance no.” He said. “I took a deep breath and said, “May I speak to a different employee or manager, please?” He tilted his head up and lay a finger on his chin making a show of thinking hard. Which I have to admit I thought, “Oh, don’t hurt yourself, thinking so hard, you might break something.” But I saw no need to vocalize this thought.

Seeming to make up his mind he looked to me again and said, “No you may not.” I gritted my teeth and said, “Fine, i’d like to order something then.” “Be my guest, whatever gets you out of here fastest.”

I sighed and told him my order. “Two triple chocolate mochas one with one an extra shot of espresso one with three extra shots of espresso and a pice of your apple pie with extra whip cream.” He raised his eyebrows and looked to the computer in front of him. “To stay or to go?” He asked. “To go please, I don’t find the service here very good, though the coffee I find extraordinary.”

He looked at me and gave me a tight lipped, sarcastic smile, and said, “It will be just a moment until your order is ready. It will however be faster as your order will be put on high priority, because it seems someone wants you out.” I smiled and said, “That is absolutely wonderful. Thank you whoever it is I seem to have pissed off.”

I handed him the money, he gave me my receipt and I went to stand at the receiving counter. As I waited for my coffee I listened to the songs playing over the speakers. One of my favorites.

I sneaked a look around and saw that no one was paying me any attention. I started to tap my foot in beat, then my head soon fallowed. Soon I was tapping my feet , mouthing the words and bobbing my head in a horrible cringing fashion. I checked behind me to see if my coffee was ready yet.

Instead I found the guy that took my order looking at me with raised eyebrows and a cocky lopsided smile. I felt my face flush pink. His smile widened at the realization of my embarrassment.

I scowled at him. I turned my back to him and planted my feet firmly on the ground. Brought out my phone and texted Lainey.

Me- This guy at the Counter is Really annoying, Can we go Once our stuff is Ready? Lainey- Yah get me when it is.

I click into Pinterest and browse while I wait for our coffees. I hear the guy from the counter behind me say, “Annoying girl, this is yours.” I roll my eyes and turn to face him to grab my stuff. I grab the plastic sack and drink carrier from him.

“Bye.” I said as I grabbed them my fingers barely brushed against his. I turned food and drink in hand. I walked over to the table to grab my shopping bags and left the small caffe on the corner. I left the air conditioning into the sunbaked summer day outside.

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