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All about me? Sure why not!

Yo Yo YO!!

Heyo! Wassup peoples! My name is Alyxx and I just wanna say that I am so glad that you followed me!

I mostly write fanfiction, so if you have any requests, just send me a quick chat or comment on this post.

AAAANYWAYSSS... I just wanted to tell y'all a little more about me.

Let's start with the basics...

Age: 17y.o BDay: August 13 Height: 5'8''

I am a junior in a high school located somewhere in the state of Georgia. (I won't tell you where bc that would be too much information hahaha)

My interests are KPop, anime, dance, art, writing, and fashion. I'll go through each of them one by one so you can get an understanding of what I like about these few topics.

The first one: KPop I have been a KPop fan for almost four years. March 10, 2021 will be four years. I got into BTS first, and that was all that I listened to. I pushed myself to be the best ARMY that I could be, learning all about the members, learning their dances, dressing like them, everything. I even dyed my hair bright red like Jimin's from the Dope mv haha.

But now I have kinda frayed away from Bangtan, and now I'm part of many fandoms. The main groups I stan right now are Stray Kids, ATEEZ, The Boyz and Nct. I listen to and like other groups, too, but those four are the ones I adore the most right now.

My bias list Stray Kids: Changbin + Hyunjin ATEEZ: Hongjoong + Wooyoung The Boyz: Kevin + Changmin Nct: Yuta + Donghyuck BTS: Taehyung + Yoongi

Second: Anime I don't watch anime often, seeing as I only have cable TV at the moment. But I always read manga. My personal favorite right now is Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. But I also love Fairytale and My Hero Academia.

Third: dance I started dancing to only KPop, but in the past year or so, I started following 1 Million Dance Studio on YouTube and I follow a lot of their choreographies.

Fourth: art I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I learned at a very young age, seeing as my father is a tattoo artist. Maybe I'll post some of my works later on. Keep a lookout.

Fifth: writing I am actually working on a book right now! It's a vampire x human romance novel, and it should be published by June of 2021. I'll keep you posted on that, too!

And finally: fashion This is mostly because of KPop as well. But I've expanded my interest in clothing to all around the world, too. I take a lot of European and Asian cultures into consideration when choosing my outfits for the day.

I hoped this gave you an idea of what I'm like, and maybe we have something in common? Send me a chat or comment down below! Again, just chat me if you have any fanfiction requests. Bye!

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