Without You ATEEZ x Reader chapter two
Without You
ATEEZ x Reader
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Chapter Twoooo!!

Without You ATEEZ x Reader chapter two

The walk to the KQ Entertainment dorms was bitter and miserable. Winter in Seoul was always horrible, but this year seemed especially frigid. But as soon as you and Jongho walked through those large doors and into the lobby of the tall building, you felt much better. The secretary, Ms. Bae, must've been burning in scents, because the whole lobby smelled like cinnamon.

When the stout woman saw you and your companion, she grinned from ear to ear. “Ah, Y/N!” she pipped, giving you a warm hug. “How have you been?” she asked, examining your face. “I haven’t seen you in about a month, if I recall correctly.” You smiled at the older woman. “Ah, yes, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it,” you said, following Ms. Bae back to the counter.“I was honestly starting to get worried about

you. Then when Jongho here told me that he was on his way to collect you, I couldn’t wait! Life is just much less interesting without you around,” she said. “Awe, I’m sorry to hear that these boys are boring you. But, you have to admit, they are boys, after all,” you said causing Ms. Bae to chuckle and nod. Jongho poked your side. “Yah! I’m right here, noona!!” he whined playfully. Ms. Bae raised an eyebrow. “Noona?

I thought you didn’t like that." “I don’t,” you said, narrowing your eyes at a smiling Jongho. “But, anyways, I’ve actually been working at a nearby cafe, trying to make some extra money. That's why I went ahead and bought my own apartment. I needed to be closer to the job so I could get there on time.” Ms. Bae nodded, seeming to understand. “Oh, I see,” she said. There was a moment of

silence for a moment, then you cleared your throat. “Well, uh, we should probably get upstairs. I bet the others are just getting more antsy every second they wait for my arrival. Plus, I have something very important to talk to Mingi about,” you said, and the lady behind the counter nodded again, smiling widely. “Alright, Y/N. Take care of yourself, and try to keep those rascals under control. We don't need another

table or door to get broken!" she called after you and Jongho as you walked to the elevator. “What? What does she mean by another table or door?” you asked the younger male as the elevator doors closed. He just shook his head. “Ah, it’s really nothing. You know how clumsy Joong and Hwa are. A few things have been broken since you moved out, but we manage,” he said after pressing the number seven button on

the wall. The elevator began moving, and as soon as the doors opened, you knew you were in trouble. ATEEZ had the whole seventh floor to themselves, seeing as their recording studio and practice room were all on that floor, too. And they had decorated the whole hallway with tinsel and streamers and glitter and it really just looked like one big hot mess. But you just left all your comments to yourself,

knowing that all eight of them loved this time of year, and you didn’t want to bring them down at all. As you and Jongho approached the door that would lead into the living room of their dorms, you heard what sounded like glass shattering, then a loud curse from one of the boys. You looked at Jongho, who just shrugged, not knowing what was happening on the other side of that door, either. So you opened the door, and

everything went silent. Seonghwa was kneeling on the ground by a large Christmas tree in one corner of the room, and he seemed to be sweeping up what remained of a red ornament. Hongjoong was sitting on the couch with Wooyoung laying in his lap like the big baby he was. Yunho and Yeosang were playing Uno on the floor, and the other two, San and Mingi, the two you really wanted to see, were no

where to be found. The boys were staring at you for a split second, and then they all jumped up at the same time, running over to you and engulfing you in a giant bear hug, saying things all in unison. Yeosang: “Y/N-ssi!!!” Hongjoong: “Did you grow?” Wooyoung: “Hey, you can’t get taller than meee!!” Yunho: “I’m glad you made it! I was starting to get worried.” Seonghwa: “I missed ya, squirt!

You giggled, getting a warm feeling in your chest. “Hey, guys!” you said, hugging all of them. You remembered about San and Mingi, and you pulled back from the boys. “Hey, where is Mingi?” you asked, hoping he was awake. Wooyoung ran his hand through his deep blue hair while saying, “Oh, he’s in the shower. Why, you got something important to talk to him about?”

You nodded, deciding to be honest. “Yeah, actually. Um, is San awake?” you asked, feeling a weird flutter in your stomach as you said his name. Yunho smiled at you. “Nah, you should know by now that he hardly gets up before noon on off days,” the taller guy said. You took off your coat and hung it on one of the hooks by the door. You nodded. “Well, I’m gonna go wake him up,” you said, making your way to San

and Jongho's room. You heard the shower turn off as you passed Mingi and Wooyoung’s room, but you kept walking, deciding to see San first. You knocked lightly on the slightly opened door, peering into the dimly lit room. You could hear San’s soft, steady breaths, so you knew he was still asleep. You opened the door and walked in, shutting it behind you. There was a faint light coming through closed curtains

so you could see just enough to make your way to San’s bed. He was laying on his stomach with his arms under his head, and you could just make out the peaceful expression on his face as he slept. You smiled, thinking about how cute he looked while sleeping. You reached your hand out and brushed a couple black waves of hair out of his face, and you could feel your heart rate speed up as you touched him.

San stirred slightly from your touch, and his deep brown eyes fluttered open. He gave you a smile, holding your hand to his cheek with one of his own. “Hey,” he said in a soft tone. “Morning, sleeping beauty,” you said, returning the smile. San pulled your arm, pulling you closer. You stumbled, and your faces were only a few centimeters apart now. You felt your face heat up, and San just smiled. "I had a dream about

you last night," he said, locking his eyes with yours. To you, it felt like he was looking into your soul, but you didn’t mind. You liked being close to him. “Oh really?” you whispered, leaning a bit away from the sleepy boy. San scooted over and patted the bed next to him. You took the opprotunity and layed next to him, allowing him to wrap his arm around your waist and pull your back closer to his front. You sighed,

enjoying his warmth. “I dreamed that we went on a boba date,” San said quietly. “And then we took a long walk in the park as the sun set, making the moment even more special.” You knew you were blushing, and the butterflies were still in your stomach. “That sounds like a good date,” you said, smiling. San moved his hand from your waist and began playing with a strand of hair that had fallen out of one

of your braids. “I want to make my dream a reality,” he said in the quietest whisper you’d ever heard, making you smile even more. You moved to where you were on your back, and San looked down at you. “Then let’s make it a reality,” you said, and you saw a cute smile spread across his lips. He kissed your forehead and simply said, “Okay.” You sighed again and closed your eyes, loving the feeling between the two of you.

San shifted beside you, and the next thing you knew, he was sitting on top of you. Your eyes shot open and you saw that San had the dorkiest look plastered on his face. “Yah!” you shouted. “What’re you doing?” When you tried to push him off of you, San grabbed your wrists and pinned them to the bed. He held your wrists with one hand and began tickling your side with the other. You started to giggle uncontrollably, making

light, girly sounds come out of your mouth. “S-stop i-it, Saaaan!!” you whined in between laughs. The black haired boy kept tickling you with a huge smile on his face the whole time. There was a knock on the door, and both of you froze. “What’s going on in there?” the voice of Mingi asked from the hallway. San got off of you, and you sat up, fixing your clothes. San went to the window and opened the

You went to the door and opened it to see your wet haired best friend frowning. You pulled him into the room before he could protest, and you shut the door behind him. “Uh, Y/N…?” he said, not sure of what was happening. You just put your hands up to silence him. You looked behind you. San was now sitting on the bed, leaning back on his hands, and you couldn’t help but think about how hot he looked with

that messy hair. You quickly shook the thought from your mind and turned back to Mingi. “I want to tell you something, and I want you to just hear me out, okay?” The brown haired male nodded, waiting for you to spill whatever it was you were going to say. You took a deep breathe then said, “Okay, Mingi. I’ve told you before that I had a crush on someone, and that my feelings for them were really strong. Well, last night,

I finally told this person how I felt, and this particular person happened to feel the same way. Well, we’ve decided to go on a date soon, and I just want you to be okay with this. Pleeease be okay with this, okay?” Mingi’s eyebrow raised even higher, if that was even humanly possible. He then looked over at San, then back at you. His expression changed from curiosity to confusion, then realization. A small smirk

appeared on his lips, and he said, “So, you’re telling me that you and San are going on a date? And I’m not invited!!” Your body relaxed and Mingi began laughing. “This is awesome!” he exclaimed. You looked at San again, and he was smiling. “I thought he’d be mad,” the boy said, but Mingi just started jumping up and down and spinning in circles. “My Sannie and my Y/N-ssi! I can't believe this!!! I'm so

happyyyyyy!" he exclaimed, acting like the big, adorable baby he was. Your tall best friend hugged you and spun you around in a circle, lifting your feet of the floor. When you finally touched solid ground again, you started laughing. “Do the others know?” Mingi asked with a sudden serious face. You shook your head and the big smile returned. He grabbed your hand and pulled San up from

the bed. “Well, let’s go tell them!” he said, dragging the two of you out of the bedroom.

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