Without You ATEEZ x Reader chapter one
Without You
ATEEZ x Reader
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Without You ATEEZ x Reader chapter one

~your pov~

“NOONA!!!!!!!!” You opened your eyes to see that your room was brightly lit with sunlight. You rubbed your eyes with the backs of your hands, yawning all the while. You sat up, leaning back against the headboard of your bed. You looked to your left, seeing millions of tiny little snowflakes floating down from the sky. You smiled, pulling back the covers and going over to the window.

The city streets below were bustling with life, people walking, taxi’s stopping on the side of the road, drivers honking their car horns at other drivers. You put your hand up to the window, feeling the cold glass under your fingers. You pressed your forehead against the glass and closed your eyes, sighing. You opened your eyes again to see a foggy spot on the glass pane in front of you.

You drew a smiley face in the fog and stepped back, smiling. “NOONA!!!!!!!!” a familiar voice yelled from the other side of your bedroom door. You jumped, not expecting company. Huh, you thought. I guess that wasn’t in my dream. “Uh, hang on Jongho!” you yelled to your friend as you scrambled to find a pair of pants.

You finally found a clean pair of black joggers in the drawer of your dresser, so you slipped them on and put your hair into a half ponytail on top of your head. You then went to the door and opened it to see Jongho leaning against the wall, playing on his phone. He looked up and gave you a cheerful smile. "Merry friggen Christmas, noona!" he shouted. Your eyes widened.

“What?! Today’s Christmas??” you asked, not believing that you had forgotten about your favorite holiday. Jongho frowned and tilted his head to the side. “You forgot?” he asked, even though it was obvious that you had. You sighed again, rubbing your temples with your fingers.“I’ve been so crammed with work and training that I must not have noticed all the holiday happiness around me..."

Jongho just chuckled. “It’s okay, Y/N. Hey, the other guys are all back at the dorms. You feel like getting dressed and coming over for the day?” You gave the younger boy a warm smile. “Of course! What better way to spend my most favorite holiday of the year than with my most favorite people in the universe?” you asked, just to see if he’d come up with anything. The blonde boy shrugged.

“Beats me,” he said and you shared a laugh. You ruffled his hair, getting another bright smile. “I’ll be out soon,” you said before closing your bedroom door. You went over to you closet and began looking for something comfy and warm to wear for the day. You chose black jeans and a grey over-sized hoodie. You put on your all black Converse high tops and began styling your hair.

You braided your deep brown hair into two braids and applied some light eye makeup and lip gloss, then put on your glasses. You grabbed your backpack and put the black joggers you’d just taken off plus a white t-shirt and change of underwear in the bag, just in case you ended up staying the night. You put your brush and contact case in there as well, then went to the bathroom and began brushing your teeth.

When you were finished, you put your toothbrush and toothpaste in the backpack, zipped it up, and slung it over your shoulder. You grabbed your phone off the charger and put it in your back pocket as you walked out of your room. Jongho was sitting on the couch in the living room. He was petting your cat, Willow, letting her get her white fur all over his black jeans as she rubbed up against his legs.

“You’re gonna regret that,” you said, plopping onto the love seat across from him. He just shook his head. “Nah, I don’t care. A bit of fur on my jeans is well worth the price to pay for a moment like this.” You smiled, knowing that he was right. “Yeah, true. The only other person she does that to besides me is...San,” you said, remembering something and causing Jongho to laugh again, startling Willow.

She made a weird chirping sound and scurried away from the boy. “Ah, I knew it was too good to be true,” he said, starting to brush off the cuffs of his pants. “Oh, speaking of San…” he trailed off. You raised an eyebrow, already knowing what was coming. “Yeah? What about him?” you asked. Jongho leaned back into the throw pillows, sitting comfortably. “I overheard the two of you on the phone last night,” he said,

giving you a knowing look. You felt your face heat up a bit, but you tried to act cool. “Oh, really?” you said. “I didn’t know that you had the ability to eavesdrop, Choi Jongho.” The blonde boy just chuckled again. “Well, I wouldn’t call it eavesdropping, necessarily. I just happened to be in the next room and, as you know, those walls in that dorm are paper thin.

And, it’s not my fault he had you on speaker,” he said, and your heart hit the floor. “I, uh...what?” you said, feeling awkward. What all did he hear? you thought, recalling your late night conversation with San. “Um, what exactly did you hear?” Jongho smiled and said what you were hoping he wouldn’t say. “Oh, just a little confession from him, a few girly giggles and teehees from you, then a confession from your

end, and then a moment of silence while you both realized what you’d done, and an awkward set of goodbyes.” “You heard the basically whole conversation!” “Ah, I guess so.” You flopped back on the pillows behind you and closed your eyes. “Look, Jonggie. I don’t care what you heard, but you cannot, and I mean CANNOT, tell the others! And definitely not Mingi! I haven’t even told

him yet, so hearing it from you first would just make him feel hurt or betrayed,” you said, and when you got silence, you sat up and opened your eyes. “Please, Jongho. Promise me you won’t tell any of them. Or at least wait until I tell Mingi.” Your friend nodded. “Okay, I promise.” You nodded and flopped back again, staring at the cloudy sky above your apartment building. You live on the top floor, so you have

access to the roof and you have a beautiful skylight in your living room. You started thinking about what you’d do when you got to the dorms. First, you’d have to find Mingi and spill everything that happened last night. Then you’d have to find San and figure out how you were going to move forward. But, knowing these boys, they’re already going to be awake and going absolute bonkers by the time you and

the maknae get there. Jongho’s phone chimed, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Hey, the guys are waiting for us,” he said, standing up from the couch. You stood up as well and went to the kitchen. You filled up Willow’s food and water bowls and kissed the top of her head before following Jongho into the hallway. You locked the door behind you, then thought of something. "Hey, Jonggie?” you asked as you two got in the

elevator. “Hm?” the boy hummed as he pressed the button for the lobby. “How’d you even get into my apartment?” you asked. “Oh, Mingi lent me his key,” he said and you nodded. “Ah, I see.”

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