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A poem about hiding everything inside and bottling it all up. And the reaction to never giving up.


You wake up and the sun is shining brightly into your room. However you can't really shake off the feeling of utter gloom. You're forced to drag yourself out of bed.

Only to find a heavy heart and a negative head. You can't help but think about the oncoming day.

Even though it's hard, you lift your head up and push the anxiety away. You have school to go to. And many other things to do. You put on your fake plastered smile.

And it stayed on! At least for a while.

At some point your mask slipped up. And you only feel tired and fed up. You tell yourself, your friends don't care. And that your family is never there.

Days get darker, and nights get longer.

You watch your life passing you by. And at some point, you just wanted to say goodbye.

Now years have passed, and you look back on your life. You'll admit, life wasn't easy and it wasn't perfect. But those days of hiding are done.

You had realized long ago, that even though it wasn't the greatest, you still had some fun.

And always remember your life has only just begun!

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