Best advice I have heard
Best advice I have heard advice stories

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This is the best advice I have ever heard

Best advice I have heard

Chop all your hair off. Pierce something. Get a secret tattoo. Read life-changing literature. Tagging. Stealing. Invite your friends from far away to come stay with you.

Buy a birthday cake from Kroger and get them to write “fuck you im eating this by myself” on it. Smoke. Drive around and look for abandoned buildings to see if they’re haunted.

Paint your face with black eyeliner to look like a cat. Go to the movies alone. Read comics in public. Go to thrift stores and see if the dresses are haunted.

Eat alone at your favorite restaurant and stare at everyone else. Volunteer at an old folks home, they got good stories. Talk to people you take for granted.

Carry a knife, stomp around in boots, and scowl. When people stare back, finger gun them and mouth the word “pow”. Drive in circles at nights and meet a different city.

Climb on roofs, see as much of your boring town as you can see. Overturn all rocks. Find hidden depths.

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