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What is it like to be consumed by the constant voices running through your head at 2a.m.?


It's 2.am. and I can't hold onto sleep. My mind is yelling at me, making me want to weep. I attempt at pushing it away. But the thoughts consume me, and the voices hold me down.

Now I can't help the fact that my face is in a constant frown.

I'm to tired to deal with my problems at hand. Maybe they will disappear into the wind like sand?

However I have no luck. It's past 2a.m. And all I want to do is shout out "F**k!". In the distance I see the rising sun. I know I am one hundred percent done.

As I sit there at my window, at now 6a.m., my tears long dried up and forgotten by the bright colors in the sky. Making me forget in the first place why I stay up and cry.

I feel almost empty inside. Or is it calm? I don't even know anymore. I can't explain the feeling that has buried itself into my core.

As I watch the sun rise and the darkness recede, I lay my head down to rest. I'm glad I couldn't sleep, it was for the best. I watch as the sun light fills the sky.

And I know I am ready to start a new day, or at least to try.

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