I’m a Fighter
I’m a Fighter hope stories

ameliagracekend Community member
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A poem depicting the battle I have with my mind

I’m a Fighter

I think I’m a fighter A fighter and a shitty writer who thinks she will amount to anything But life has become exhausting and feels ready to end it If only I could feel a good emotion; that would be splendid

But I hate my life and roughly want to scrub God damn it I want to drown myself in my bathtub But I’m a fighter A weak one but a fighter no doubt

I could shout out how unhappy I am But others will think it’s a scam because I have a man And a dog and a home But I feel so alone when I’m home

I have such a desire to set myself on fire Set me on fire! Maybe then I’d feel something other than emptiness Maybe I’d feel something close to happiness But I know that’s asking too much How could I be so selfish and ask for such?

There are no answers running in the mills of my brain So I’ll take pills to numb the pain I said I’m a fighter, but I’m not a good one Lately I hide my face from the sun

I said I’m a fighter but I’m so weak Maybe it’s time I don’t speak I’ll let this eat me alive I’d be much happier if I were to die And no one would cry because that would be my decision My life lacks this thing called precision

So I’d rather die and give myself peace If make all this pain cease I really want to die with all my might But a voice still has the courage to say “please fight” Because I’m a fighter whose a mess But a fighter no less

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