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Does it Hurt?


"Does it hurt?

" a voice whispers, a whisper so loud my soul knocks on the doors of my heart and asks to get into the depths of my brain so it understands what goes through my mind, "does it hurt?

" I hear the voice again say, so does my soul and every organ in me, "does it hurt?

" a third time he asks, he who my eyes can't see, nor my hands can touch, my heart can't feel yet my ears hear his every whisper,

not that he whispers anything else for he only knows three words in one order, no changing no altering and no stopping," does it hurt?

" I hear it say again, this voice, will it ever end because I hear it say does it hurt more and more and I want to answer it but I don't even know, I don't even know if it hurts or not anymore,

pain is a luxury I don't have, pain is for the living and it's been awhile since I've been alive, "does it hurt?" he whispers, mocking me in every syllable, does it hurt?

I asked myself that a long time ago, I stopped for the same reason everyone stops, I got tired of hurting, of answering questions I fully knew I didn't want answered,

I stopped asking them for I didn't want to hear those words, "does it hurt?" you already know the answer, so why whisper it again and again? Is making me suffer your only reason for existing?

Or is it something more? No I got it wrong, it is something less, "does it hurt?" does it hurt?

Yes it does, it really does and I hope you don't ever feel it my friend because it's what made me hear voices and fight whispers with yells, does it hurt? What kind of question is that?

Of course it hurts.

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