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ameagami Community member
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Starting today

by ameagami


I was talking with someone and I said "I'm afraid of the dark and ghosts" She looked at me with wide eyes and said "Aren't you too old for that, is there any thing right with you"

I don't know if my fever got me to care less But I ended up saying "I know right, I'm a loser and a coward With no life and with a really bad luck, I'M MULTI TALENTED "

Even though it wasn't a very smart or funny thing to say Yet it felt good I'm sick of feeling ashamed and embarrassed of myself

Yes I didn't build my life properly Cause I'm so busy pushing through a series of hells ON MY OWN

Yes I broke under the pressure couple of times Yes I trusted the wrong people most of the time Yes I made so many wrong choices

Well Guess what I'm a human being I get to do all of that

So I decided Starting today I'm going to give myself the credit I deserve Cause unlike those who decided to walk away I chose to look hell in the face 

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