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Just give it a try

by ameagami

I tried To give myself a decent life Sadly most of my attempts were a waste of time I feel like I failed my mom

In 2010 I started suffering from OCD I got fired from my job in 2013 She tried To pull me out of all of that Did her best to help me But I failed

I showered with scalding hot water up to 4 times a day That shower would last for 2 hours at least Thanks to that my entire body was in pain Caused my skin color to change

Everyone walked away Except for my beloved mom She stayed by my side And tried her best once again But I was so weak , broken and scared I didn't want to be laughed at again

So I didn't leave the house for 2 years

In 2015 my mom passed away Without seeing me anywhere near The happy life she wished for me I'm so sorry mom Please forgive me

I tried For my mom's sake To collect the pieces of my shattered heart And fix my broken life In 2016 I'm proud to say I'm OCD free I shower like normal people nowadays My skin got it's color back

I have no problem leaving the house I even found a job Yeah , it's salary can't even pay the bills But hey it's much better than unemployment

Yeah , I'm 29 and extremely single My chances in finding love is as thin as air That's what is meant to be And that's ok So mom Keep wishing me luck please I hope I make you proud someday

In life Don't worry about a thing Just give it your best And even things don't go your way Just hold your head up high and say I tried And then try once again 

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