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ameagami Community member
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My bullying story

Hello there

by ameagami

Hello there my dear Can I set with you for a minute please

I remember when I was your age I used to get bullied in school everyday And for a while I thought it was my mistake But later on I found that some of them were jealous of my grades

Yeah , I was that kid that always gets an A As for the rest of them I didn't know what they got out of it and I didn't care Still what they did , the things they said Were hard to bear

I used to run to my mother and cry out my pain She told me in life I'll meet the good and the bad along the way So keep the good close to heart and don't let the bad give you a scare

Bush through hell and don't let the heat make you sway It was very difficult to do but it was a step on the right way I focused on my studies and a couple of friends were made

We were fat girls and we called ourselves the league of heavyweight Things slowly got better day by day

Just remember my dear No matter how hard life gets You'll always be ok Just hang in there Cause the road with no difficulties leads to nowhere

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