OTHER THAN YOU
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nothing much, just a silly poem. hope you would like it ; )


Waiting down those stairs, Hoping, he would come. At least, once

And, hold me tight To his chest, just Long enough, for me To somehow figure out, How I messed up, How I messed us.

To just tell him, I'm sorry, and there's nothing,... I regret more, than Those mere seconds I lost it.

You were just talking, And holding a hand, Other, than mine. Got too close, that I panicked, the space between, Would be no more.

I rushed to them, and screamed Loud enough, to drown My phobia, of being sans you.

Just, keep those arms around me, Long enough, for me To clean up my mess. To tell you,

I am sorry, I lost it, that You....you, were perfect, my forever, You would never do that, Would you...?

I am right there, Down beside those stairs Where is he? Does he hate me already? Will there be an us again?

Breathe.. I looked up at the clouds, Stained an angry red, Am I too late......did I... Just..lose us.....

Thump,..thump..click Those footsteps,I'd recognise Anywhere ....he, he is here Of course he is. I swirled around in euphoria,

Saw a soft smile curl my man's lips, As he walked down those stairs, He is everything I ever wanted. He is, my forever...

An icy wind whipped though Swirling and yanking my curls In his strong arms curled a Delicate one other than mine

She..she is not me, yet she Is living my life...... My man, my forever.......

My heart...... shattered ? No, I wasn't so lucky It was stabbed Deep in with a blunt dagger

Which twisted with his every step I thought,........hoped that It died right there

Alas!! It didn't, it sputtered red. My heart, it is left alive....barely To feel the agony in every second

Who is she? The thief She stole my life, my everything She should be my enemy My nemesis

Yet.......i do not hate Not her... Not......him

After all she..... she's another me And.....he, he was never mine

I...I wish I could Just hate him At least punish him For making me dream

About....about an..us But this heart of mine Just couldn't hold any......... Any........

I still gazed at them Looking perfect together He passed right by me But never saw me Too blinded in love for that But.... How did he....how could he.... Forget so......easy

When I still remember the scent of his hair when I still remember how his arms fitted my waist how his lips danced around mine, how just his presence made the rest of the world invisible

when I still remember my love for him...

I wish.........I soo wish I could forget him Carve him out of my heart And leave the scar to remember, It was never me, it was him, who broke every promise, shattered every dreams of... .........Us

breathe.. I will breathe again Let him go I will breathe....again

I took a step forward Only to crumble down to my knees I barely felt the sting, of My scraped skin I stumbled upon my feet again Took a step.. Two more....

I walked......... Walked away Breathe, It hurts but It was him not me

It hurts today Might hurt still In years to come, but One day, at least for a moment

I will love again, my man My forever........other than you.........

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