The Darkness
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amberroseyandol fan fiction. Romance mainly
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The Darkness

by amberroseyandol


The only thing that weighs you down like a million bricks pressing against your back and chest.

The only thing that keeps you from doing the things you love.

The only thing that makes you put a fake mask to cover up the pain and tears, streaming down your face whether its during the day or night.

That one thing that makes you have suicidal thoughts on a daily basis, wishing for something less than life.

The only reason you hide everything from everyone all the time and nobody can read you at all.

The only reason you can't feel anything and let out what's been inside you after all this time.


The only reason you feel panic and overwhelmed for no reason.

The only reason you try to do anything and it becomes too much.

The only reason you have a need to scream for your voice to be heard.

The only reason you feel something inside you that you can't let out of your system.

The only reason you feel nonstop stress building inside you and the random Anxiety attacks

The only reason, you feel scared, worthless, sorry, emotional....

With both together, you feel, Helpless, Hopeless,Faithless,Down, Suicidal, etc. and with both together you have a dark hole inside that can never be filled.

There is a way to stop depression and other mental illnesses. If you are suffering from both or at least one of them, call your doctor for assistance asap!

inside comes who you really are and both are stopping you from yourself. trapped.

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