Best Friends to something more.
Best Friends to something more. stories

amberroseyandolfan fiction. Romance mainly
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Best Friends to something more.

by amberroseyandol

On a summer's Early afternoon. A teenage girl in high school was friends with a guy that she just met in elementary school.

They would always hang out together outside, since his father was abusive towards him.

They would cheer each other up. Now they're in high school, Junior year, they started having feelings for each other. Something more.

She loved him He loved her. So while on her skateboard she was thinking on how to tell him that she had feelings for him.

Once she reached to the front door, he was ready to open the door and hug her, he was in tears and wanted to leave the house.

instead, he thought to himself that he was gonna finally kiss her after all this time. He opened the door before she knocked, suddenly, warm lips touch hers softly.

She was shocked as they're lips touched. Once they pulled away, they were flushed with warmth all over. She felt heat on her cheeks. He felt nothing but sparks and fireworks, warmth on his face.

"I've always wanted to do that since the 8th grade Vanessa." He whispered as they walked to her house. "I...I...I..I don't know what to sa--" "You Love me" Cutting her off in mid sentence.


To be continued... stay tuned for part 2

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