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ambergaudreauFuck life I want to die
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I tried. Hope it's good, hahaha.........


The wind whispers

and the floor boards creak

as I kneel here

on my knees

I am alone

Or am I?

I can't tell

Is this Heaven or Hell?

I am inclined to believe it

is the latter

whether the things in my head

are real or not......

does it matter?

The paintings cry blood

my cat purrs as she rubs against

my leg

and I am happy as I stroke

her back and as she looks up

she smiles back

with human teeth

and dead black eyes

her fur is wet and her skin

spongy as if she died years

ago but I know she is here

she is here now I am

not alone

I am not alone



The birds they tell me

of things that happen in

the Outside

water drips from the ceiling

as a mouse scurries by

I see fire and smoke

taste death and fear

Am I really here?


In this place?

Or that place?

I don't remember

mind fuzzy memories faded

I try to think but

my attention is caught by a

spiraling rainbow

shattering across the wall and floor

they cut into my skin

my blood seeps out black

I examine myself

in the cracked mirror on the wall

my nails are bitten

my eyes bloodshot

A hospital gown clings to

my thin frame

and I feel

I feel...


who is this person?

Is she real?

Is she me?

I am leaking

blood drips from my mouth

eyes ears

then I disappear



when I wake

I am lying on the roof

tiles digging into

my back like knives

I stare at the sky

Ice freezes my breath

and freezes my heart

I try to breathe

but it's too hard

it is dark

stars sparkling brightly

so close but so far away

so warm but so cold

I wonder what secrets

they hold

all the stories for centuries

gone untold

the stars shatter

into fiery comets and

melt into the cracks made

I close my eyes

but I still see

what is going on

inside of me

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