Skyline Pt 2: Hardships
Pt 2: Hardships hardships stories

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Part 2: The hard times we go through written in nature

Skyline Pt 2: Hardships

Hardships come any many different forms. And this is a very generalized depiction of just a few of the many things we might face.

Valleys can describe our decline into some of our lowest points. Physical struggles. Mental health problems. They are the constant ups and downs we feel. The "Roller Coaster " effect. While canyons are the rock bottoms we go through.

Canyons are weathered and eroded and pressured down. Pushed deep into a hole where we feel like we can't escape. We might not have a lot, but the ones we go through make a difference.

Deserts represent a dry spell. Desolation. More literally abandonment or without.

The lack of also equals can not. Unable to support life without the nurturing to care for it. Even though we might not have a whole desert in our personal skyline, this still represents an ongoing reality we all might face at some point.

Glaciers are the result of years of snow compressing together. That compression forces the snow to turn into ice.

Like carrying a weight on your back for so long it turns into a hard shell or your own armor. A glacier symbolizes how you can get stronger through all the misfortune.

We all go through things we think set us apart. Experiences that isolate us or keep us from connecting. But all of those events are just creating a map of you.

All the highs and lows make your life into a beautiful work of art. Beautiful work in progress.

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