a sick assault
a sick assault  disgust stories
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ambcarr11 17 | pan | NB
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a rant of disgust

a sick assault

i've seen you. i've seen all of you, or so i thought. we've been on and off, but i cared for you so much. i still do, i think, maybe, but i'm sickened.

sickened by the thought of you and what you've done. i'm not supposed to tell anyone. but now i know all those other rumors are true.

and now an even worse one has come to light, one that would make a boy kill himself! how? no wonder you walk around feeling guilty. you are a fraud. a terrible person.

you deserve to constantly feel the outcomes of your uncaring actions, forever, you selfish creep. i can't believe i thought you were what i saw you as: someone sweet, kind, caring.

you're just over aware of everything because you're worried about being caught. i will not feel bad for feeling this way, this disgust, towards you.

you took something from someone that did not belong to you. you sick bastard.

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