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ambassadordoe Within dreams lie surprises.
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I remember falling asleep. And then I woke up. And there they were.

Welcome to Vale

I remember closing my eyes. I remember drifting to sleep. I remember waking up.

Colors I had never seen before, creatures that defied Earth logic, lands I could only dream of. These images filled my vision.

Dream. Is that what this is?

No. It can't be. There is one creature who is talking to me.

"Traveler," they say.

Traveler? I shake my head, and say my name. They look at me in shock.

"You can talk to me. You can understand me. Can you see me?"

I nod my head. The creature is elated.

"Welcome to Vale, Traveler. Welcome to Gualia. I am Selcouth."

We talk for ages, about how I'm the first human to interact completely with them. About returning. About becoming an ambassador. I completely forget that I am sleeping.

Am I sleeping? So much time has passed. Am I certain this is not just a dream?

Selcouth's round pink eyes stare at me, their soft smile pleasant.

"I believe you will Travel soon. May we talk again when you return?"

I nod.

And then I truly wake up.

Selcouth's words echo in my head.

"Welcome to Vale."

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