One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Five
One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Five romanve stories

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Will they meet again?

One Way Home - Lesbian Love Story - Part Five

I walked out of the library with plenty of regrets.

I didn’t ask for her number,

I didn’t ask her her name,

I didn’t give her the book she wanted.

And that book was in my hands, or so I thought.

Apparently, I had dropped that book on the library floor.

And I assumed that the red headed girl had grabbed it.

Eh. She wanted the book anyway, and I needed it. So, she should have gotten it.

And she did, so I was obviously happy for her.

But I’m still a great big idiot.

I should’ve asked her all those things!

Maybe I could just find her right now!

I mean, who could forget her looks, right?

With her smooth, silky, gorgeous red hair,

And her simple, yet beautifully perfect green eyes...

Those eyes just bring me faith that this world could just become a better place.

And no, I’m not a poet, that was just a simple rhyme that was definitely not intended.

But who could forget her voice? Her beautiful, gracious voice.

It’s the only thing that would keep someone truly happy,

The only thing that would keep someone truly peaceful.

It brings me pleasure to know that there is someone out there who wants to share their gift, like her.

I walk out of the library, my footsteps once again slow for some odd reason.

I begin to wonder: Will I ever talk to that cute girl again?

Maybe not, but I know one thing is for sure.

I definitely have a crush on her.

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