11/28/20 - 4:13AM

              11/28/20 - 4:13AM 

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amazingg_daisyy insta @amazingg_daisyy 🕊
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Dear soulmate

11/28/20 - 4:13AM

I once thought the world revolved around me, but that all changed after meeting a divine being Everything about you was so healing My conscious didn’t recognize this new feeling, I was only use to overthinking, If my existence would ever have meaning

I didn’t realize I was pushing you away, Causing you to believe I had no faith But that was never the case, I was learning to love myself on a new wavelength All I wanted was for you to stay, & continue to make me feel okay, As I unlearned my old ways

But instead, you challenged my perspective, Leaving so that I can get a grip of my direction Questioning everything I subconsciously neglected, Pushing me to face my self hatred, Teaching me patience as I discovered my greatness, So that I can live life with no expectations

soulmates see your potential to grow, it is important to heal your own soul, So that your heart can feel like home, Leaving no one responsible for your load.

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