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A million

A million

Life is too fragile To spend worrying about monday’s presentation Or the boy who never notices you

I was floating along the other day Enjoying the warm dusk of August

As I took in the sunset I looked down to the blue that surrounded me Only to see something startling

Little gnats stretched before me on the surface Thrashing and twitching their wings Utterly pitiful

I quickly started lifting them onto my fingers There must of been A million Of these desperate creatures

Too many For my five fingers

I read recently about a baby girl Who suffocated in a car on a hot summer day

Apparently these tragedies happen often A sleep deprived father doesn’t realize his baby is Cradled up sleeping peacefully As he parks and goes into his 9 to 5

Only to leave work at the end of a long day Dreaming up what’s for dinner

When out of the corner of his vision He glimpses his daughters corpse In the back seat of his car

Soon autumn would come Signified by a chilly breeze To swallow the wilderness whole

We would croon Over the yellows and browns and reds That signified death

An external beauty With a gentle whisper To remind us Of the fragility of life

— A million

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