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amarie comments are more than welcomed
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
Do what you want when you want.How you want now imagine everybody believed that boom!!!

Just write

Writing from the heart is a different kind of talent

I've been trying my best to hold it back but it's coming out in all my habits

I never meant for the words to hurt you folks that really was not suppose to happen

Telling you something is like fighting war through a very cold storm that never happened

Sometimes it comes out too pure

Like when alcohol meets a surface and everything just drops then goes

I'm confused where this is going but that's really nothing new in my story

What scares you does not scare me

I never said I was not scared but with fear I will do

If you read this you'll freak

and say it'see it's me

Yes feeling courageous is a feeling I'm addicted to

Yes I am not sorry that's me

this was before

Stupid writing stupid video

what could it be

Just be you

or be me

I'll stop that energy not for you not for me

For the reason near future our existence needs to be

Freedom of choice frees my soul

Picking and choosing has never been old

Hopefully this is a hit and not the one that left the scene cold

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