A chance with Romance

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A chance with Romance

I was alone and I didn't want him

However, I told myself I did

So I wouldn't have to start again

I slept with him so the process could happen faster

But spent the whole time looking for a way for it to end

I called it insanity

hundreds of voices running through my head

feeling numb and drunk

I left him and found you

I was lost and confused

so were you

Then it happened

realized I was in love with you

When she talked about you I always smiled and said,

" He's so nice he deserves a woman that's really going to love him" .

I said that many times

How was I to know a few years later I'll spend everyday praying to be her.

The woman that gets to share the most amazing things in life with you

If I had to experience all the pain I caused myself to get to you again

I will gladly take another chance with romance.

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