A letter to my dearest friend
A  letter to my dearest friend 


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A letter to my dearest friend...

A letter to my dearest friend

I hate you

You were my best friend

My sister

My brother

My cousin

And you broke me into pieces I never thought I could break into

I trusted you when I knew I shouldn't because that's what best friends are supposed to do after all

That's what you taught me

That was my mistake

You'll always hate yourself more than anyone and...

That will continue to be a reflection on how you treat others

You were the first person to call me ugly

By the way you hurt my feelings

The first friend to call me beautiful

But I told myself your words meant nothing

To cope with the pain and relief

I'm not sure ...

How I'm going to find it in my heart...

To forgive you

What you did didn't happen in a second

The poison running through your veins took some time to destroy...


I thought I loved you so much that I could heal you

Instead, I'm apologizing for loathing you

I'm sorry this friendship is over

Somehow you remain family at heart

But I'm even sorrier

I let you stop me from forgiving you

ps. This is a letter to...

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