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amariad2001 Write Like Nobody Is Watching
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We've all dealt with a loss of our own. We may have also dreamt of our past loved ones. Always remember, they are gone but not forgotten.

In This World

In this world the sky is always bright and clear

The sun always shining, except at night, of course

In this world no pain far or near

As if driven away by a powerful force

In this world I hold you in my arms

I will never again let you go

In this world I hear your voice

Your words clear and not slow

In this world the clouds surround

And pick us both up off the floor

In this world I see and hear you clearly

Something I can't do anymore

In this world you hold me tight

And promise me with one last breath

You will always love me

Even though you've greeted death

So ended the dream in which I'd been reborn

As I awoke to the bright sunlight In the morn'

The dream that came to me last night

Was that I saw you one last time

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