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There is a king who wants this tree that everybody, including himself, loves; the tree belongs to a prince, however.
The king expresses his want to buy this tree and how amazing the tree really is. In the end he finally buys the tree for an expensive cost.

The King's Tree

There is a tree,

west of me,

of which belongs to another prince.

That tree I see,

is so pleasing unto my eyes.

Oh, how I walk about,

by and by.

It is like a tower,

bending above it's own kingdom of spruce;

It is like a lord,

leading his own army of oak;

It is as of a woman of beauty,

standing alongside the pine.

Oh, how I want it so!

It's shade is as a shield,

from the beating of the scorching sun.

The fruit that it does yield,

is sweeter than butter loaded atop a bun.

The tree's insides are filled with sap and honey.

The animals abide gracefully around.

Oh, how I would give my money,

to claim as mine!

60 shekel!

60 mikas!

Oh, how I want it so!

I stalk around,

I abound all round.

All the people admire so.

I pet it's bark,

I taste it's fruit.

Oh, how I love it so!

The axemen chop,

all day long,

alas they come to this tree.

I say,"Stop!

Do not come hither,

Do not step nearer,

for this tree itself is as a king."

200 talents, at last it's mine!

It is mine to keep, forever and ever.

It has been here so,

stood firm a thousand years.

For generations to come,

let it stand, forevermore.

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