The Ferry Night of April 13, 2020
The Ferry
Night of April 13, 2020 dream stories

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Does anyone else frequently have dreams where people tell them they need to wake up? They're getting more and more real it seems.

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The Ferry Night of April 13, 2020

I was in bed, drifting somewhere between consciousness and sleep. The room was too hot, and whenever I opened my eyes the shadows along the wall across from me shifted like water.

There was a voice saying something in my ear, whispering the same sentence over and over that I couldn't quite understand. Eventually I yelled, "Shut up! Just shut up already!"

It growled but listened, I thought. It quickly stood on my bed, and I felt the mattress behind my back dip down as if a child were standing there.

Its invisible steps travelled down the length of my body until it jumped onto the floor and yanked at my bedsheets.

It tugged them down to my feet when I managed to grab onto the ends and pull back. The sheets didn't move, and eventually fell to the floor as well.

I think it laughed at me, as if it knew my heart began to beat harder against my ribs and all I could think of was grabbing my small cross necklace from my dresser nearby.

I ended up doing so, swinging it over my head and clutching it when there was a knock on my bedroom door.

Something told me I shouldn't go there, but I didn't want to stay with the entity either and I hid inside my closet.

It was bigger than in real life, giving me plenty of room to stand but as soon as I was inside the entity slammed the door shut and locked me in.

The wood was smooth as I banged a fist against the door, still holding the cross with the other hand.

I remember laughter, but it wasn't a sound, more like a movement in the darkness around me. I knew it didn't want to kill me, but I knew it was fine hurting me.

After slamming my fist on the door again it opened and I tumbled out.

I headed for the bedroom door and pulled it open to find my hallway filled with cobwebs, and beyond that the bathroom was the same.

I didn't have a reflection in the mirror, from what I could see beyond the webs, but there were two small bats stuck in the hallway, their wings tangled and trapped.

I could only look at them with confusion a moment before hurrying past, bending low to avoid the webs and get to my front door a few feet away.

When I finally escaped my apartment, a dark and muted backdrop, I found myself in a vibrant city. Tall buildings against blue skies with a few puffy white clouds rushing by in the breeze.

Green grass that ran along my left and right with a patchy wooden path travelling down a hill towards a dock. There was a ferry floating in the clear blue water, a few people milling about.

I walked out, greeted by a young man and woman. Their faces escape me now, but she had long blonde hair and a kind aura, while he had shaggy brown hair and an attitude.

But I knew they were there to help me. They led me down the wooden path, showed me past small buildings that gave way to overpowering silver towers.

"We need to get you back," the girl said. She held my wrist a lot, as if I would get lost without her. Like I'd wander around as a toddler would.

I think she was right--the world was so bright and I wanted to explore it.

"I don't want to go back," I replied. She nodded, but then began walking me to the ferry.

"You have to though," the young man told me. "You aren't supposed to stay here yet."

"You have to get back before it's too late," she said. She started walking faster but I was still resistant. "It's almost eight."

I looked down at my watch. 7:50AM. "There's time."

I cried when we made it to the ferry. Others were boarding; I seemed to be the last passenger. I think the man hugged me, but it's too fuzzy now to really be sure.

"You have to get on, and then you'll wake up." The woman was so certain of the face that I couldn't argue, and climbed onto the boat.

I remember sitting down with the other passengers; they seemed more content than I was to be leaving.

The young man and woman waved me off. Gingerly, I waved back. Once the boat started moving, I woke up.

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