Sparkling eyes
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My first kiss was the last kiss with her

Sparkling eyes

For almost 7 years from junior classes to highschool we were together in the same class but, I was never able gather courage to speak with her.

When I first came to the class in which she was , I saw sparkle in her eyes. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen but I was a kid with low self esteem.

On that day instead of looking her in her eyes I hid my eyes and I think she never felt what I felt for her.

When we are teen we get excited for almost everything, as the days passed I got various opportunities of speaking with her,

but everytime I tried to say something I don't know what came out of my mouth that nobody understood my emotions.

After sometime I stopped looking at her and began focussing on my studies but she was always there. Sitting in the same classroom.

In highschool when all my confidence and will of studying began shattering because of the way senior teachers were treating us,

first time in my life I realised that instead of running behind studies like a mad person I should have done smart work that is to focus on my studies and also to tell her that she is the

only one who have always been in my heart.

But it was too late for that. On one side my academics performance eroded and in the other side she had a boyfriend after 4 breakups.

But I was kind of lucky because before our graduation she had her 5th breakup and this time I decided to propose her. So I texted her everything which felt for her.

I don't know what she was thinking but it was 1 pm at night she texted me back and asked to come to her place. I went with excitement and a bit of nervousness.

She opened the door and told me that her parents are not at home after this she asked me to follow her to her room. She sat closer to me and we both talked like for hours and hours.

She told me that she always liked me but thought that she didn't deserved an honest and talented boy like me. I told her that I too thought that I didn't deserved a beautiful and talented girl like her.

At around 4 am at morning while we were talking we became very close and suddenly the most epic and beautiful thing of my life happened. We both kissed.

It was my first kiss and was last with her because after graduation she went to New York.

We both were sad because we both wasted so much time in thinking about the right time to propose and time slipped out of our hand.

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