Hell or Heaven?
Hell or Heaven? loneliness stories

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Do you believe in existence of hell or heaven?

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Hell or Heaven?

Do you believe in the existence of hell or heaven? If you believe in heaven, you might believe in hell.

Since I was a kid, my parents used to tell me that heaven exists in the sky And hell deep inside the earth.

When we do something sinful God, punishes us by sending us to hell, and when we do something good, God blesses us and sends us to heaven.

I don't know whether those words are right or wrong but, I know one thing with 100 % surety and, that is we all humans are in hell when we are depressed and in heaven when we are happy.

If you ask me that how depression affects you? I would say that when we are depressed, all our other sensations are of no importance.

If you are experiencing burnout, then I will recommend you to take urgent steps to solve your issues Do not waste your time thinking that things will be alright because things never become right.

How easily people point out mistakes in you, but they never realize what amount of pain they are causing by constantly criticizing you even for the mistakes, not in your hands.

My chemistry teacher once said to me, " you are of no importance, your brain is nothing but dung, you won't be able to do anything".

without knowing my situation he gave such huge judgments because I was not as active as other topper students of my class.

Those words might appear a small thing for him and others might think that such sledding is essential to make kids tough but I strongly stand against it because those words made

my situation even worse than anyone can imagine. I was dealing with personal problems and such harsh words on daily basis were making my life hell.

In the starting, I asked you about hell and heaven. These are the reasons why asked you. We all have some or other incidents of our life which have devasted us.

We all in our life know a person who made our life worse than anyone can imagine.

That's why I began believing in hell because people like my chemistry teacher were daily making my life hell.

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