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There is a reason why Sunday starts with "S" because it's Shit. I fucking loathe Sundays. Every Sunday is wish I was a catholic in the middle ages, back then Sundays where sacred and holy.

You didn't have to do shit, you just went to church, went home, saw a couple of dead people in the street, and went to sleep.

Or maybe you didn't, maybe you went to church and then to work, where you slaved away, so you could meet your death at the tender age of 9. But anything is better than my Sundays.

My Sundays are the most depressing and stressful events. They say that the world has become better and better every year, but I would kill to be transported to some tiny village 15000 years ago.

My Sundays usually starts in bed, tired from either being out the night before, or for staying up wayyy to long.

I spent a couple hours there until my mom enters to clean my room, I am very lucky that she does it for me, but it makes me incredible angry for some reason,

so angry I would kill to sleep a little more. But the day must start. I sometimes eat breakfast. Sometimes lunch. I eat some absolute garbage food, the entire day and wonder why I feel so bad.

I tell myself that I will start on the assignment that is supposed to be turned in today. But because I am a lazy shit, I instead waste 5 hours on YouTube.

And what a fucking waste most of YouTube is, so much inconsequential shit, yet it is insanely compelling. I begin my assignment way too late. I stress myself until I am finished.

I usually finish early enough to check for spelling errors and shit, but I am too much of a lazy shit to care. So I turn in the assignment and reflect on my work.

This usually ends in me crying myself to sleep over how this is going to ruin my grade and is my worst work and is going to ruin my life and my parents are going to disown me and everyone

is going to hate me for it. I am lazy perfectionist, the perfect combination, like celery and cum.

I take my experiences from this Sunday and hope that I won't subjugate myself to another one, I of course do this every week because I don't learn.

I sometimes think that I have depression, mostly because of these Sundays, but I am too much of a coward to share that thought with anyone, so these I really no way to get help.

Fuck me I guess, and fuck Sunday a little more!

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