Vanishing into the night
Vanishing into the night stories
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amandar Somewhat a lost writer
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Vanishing into the night

by amandar

We drove up the silent road to the highest height

The street lights turned off it was a dark beautiful night

Our light bicycles ice skated beneath the glowing moon

It was pitch dark we knew we had to get back home soon

We stopped at the hill and looked down the foggy empty road

It was steep and haunting but there was nowhere else to go

She went down first no humans or cars in sight

We were both frozen ghosts in the middle of the night

She let go of the handles and set her arms free

I followed her lead and laughed with pure glee

We became roaming spirits. Fleeing into the darkness ahead

My mind felt free. My body was now completely dead

It was all over in 20 seconds and we reached the bottom

Its a 20 second memory my soul refuses to ever be forgotten

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