For the Fall
For the Fall romance stories

amandaporter Author of The Darkness Trilogy
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Sometimes I write heartbreaking poetry...sometimes it's not for me.

For the Fall

by A.G. Porter

He said so many things, words that could fill the ocean.

Little did I know, he was just going through the motions.

It was already too late by the time I could see, I was already drowning in the words, words that would make me bleed.

I let him take me, high on that mountain, even though I knew he'd let me fall watching me break, ignoring the shouting.

I risked the pain, just to feel his arms around me. I risked the rain, knowing there was no guarantee. No matter how much I wanted to believe.

In the end, I stand alone at the end of the world. Realizing he risked nothing for someone he called "my girl."

And, in the end, I stand tall. I'm better for the loss. I'm better for the fall.

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